Branding Babes Co.
Branding Babes Co.
Empowering Women To Pursue Their Entrepreneurial Goals

our mission: to empower women to pursue their entrepreneurial goals.

Cofounders, Amy and Jo

We're working to create a beautiful & creative space where women can find free mentoring and branding resources to grow their business.

We can't wait to get to know you, and your business. There will be hugs and high-fives, and there might even be happy tears and ridiculous dancing. Okay most likely, there will be all four.

Our goal is to create Babe HQ, a multi-use space where women can access free mentorship, studio space, workshops, and tools for launching and growing their business. 

We love sharing our knowledge, and promoting a creative lifestyle so we offer downloadable resources and stock photos for all boss babes in our community to enjoy.

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20% of profits goes towards making Babe HQ a reality!


Our Values