10 Tips For Becoming A Morning Person

10 Tips For Becoming A Morning Person

Babe we get it, being a morning person can be hard. We are NOT fans of waking up early, but when it comes to business success, it's just more practical because guess what? Business happens during the DAY. Many creatives are night owls by nature but if you are starting your own business, you'll want to change that so you can get more in your schedule and be more accessible to other businesses and customers.

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur but having trouble parting with your bed every morning, here are some of our favorite tips:

1. Stick to a bedtime.

Getting in a bedtime routine can seriously help you improve your sleep, feel more well-rested, and get up early more consistently. This means going to bed at the same time not just during the week but weekends as well. Be realistic with your goals and try rolling back your bedtime by about 30 minutes every week so you can slowly adjust. Just hopping into bed three hours earlier right away will likely cause a lot of tossing and turning and wasted frustration.

2. Plan for at least 8 hours of sleep.

Make sure you're setting yourself up by planning for at least 8 hours of sleep. If you want to wake up super early - you need to starting working towards an EARLY bedtime. You might even want to plan for more than 8 hours because chances are as you're changing your schedule you will feel SLEEPY in the morning regardless of how long you sleep for. 

3. Skip caffeine after lunch.

DON'T DO IT! Go for decaf or better yet no coffee after lunch. Switch to tea, or better just water. It's going to make you feel better, and prevent any racing thoughts while you're trying to sleep. And if like many you experience an afternoon crash at about 3pm, take a stretch break, splash some cold water on your face, drink something cold, and work through it. Whatever you do just stay away from that coffee pot. If you work from home, and want to get an earlier start, you can even plan to end your workday at about 3pm. We love this because it means having super productive and focused mornings, and then exercising, or spending time for ourselves in the afternoon.

4. Exercise/stretch and shower right when you get up.

We recommend stretching or yoga if you don't want to do a full workout, but if possible get in a quick workout in the morning so you are wide awake and energized. Showering is also a great way to wake up, and warm water can be pretty welcoming when you're coming straight from your cozy bed. And if you're a night shower person like us - just put up your hair and wash your body off in the morning after you stretch so you can still wake up comfortably.

5. Go outside.

There's nothing like outdoor air to wake up in the morning. Try enjoying your breakfast and coffee outside or stretching outside in the morning. Not only does it require actually getting dressed... or at least putting on pants, but the fresh air, especially in autumn, is so energizing and refreshing. If you work from home especially, getting outside first thing in the morning is one of our favorite tricks for starting off the morning right.

6. Get a routine.

Having a morning routine you look forward to can also be a great motivator. Treat yourself to your favorite coffee drink when you get up on time, and do something you enjoy first thing in the morning. For example, if you're not a huge fan of exercise, you can treat yourself for getting up and exercising every morning by giving yourself extra time to browse social media or talk to friends while you have your morning coffee. If you look forward to your morning routine you'll be much more excited to go to bed and get up on time.

7. Avoid screens before you go to sleep.

Turn of screens more than an hour before bedtime. It might be hard, but it's well worth it. You'll be able to wind down and fall asleep earlier without too much struggle. It also might save your eyes some strain.

8. Get an alarm that won't let you sleep in.

Whether it's putting your phone across the room, or getting an app that makes you do a puzzle or answer a trivia question before it shuts off like Alarmy. It will help you actually get out of bed in the morning instead of hitting snooze. You can also disable snooze on your phone so it's not even an option. Erase all your extra alarms as well. Basically, follow ALL the steps so you don't go back to sleep.

9. Have an accountability buddy.

Make a morning buddy so you can both hold each other accountable. As you get up earlier and earlier schedule a phone call to prove you're awake, and check in on your daily goals. You can also make sure you both are OUT of bed by making it a video call. It's always more fun to do things with a friend and it's good to have someone holding you accountable every day.

10. Eat a real breakfast.

Eating a good, full breakfast is another important aspect of being a morning person. It gives you energy for the day and will wake you up all the way. Don't skimp on protein, and make sure you are fueled up for a super productive morning. And coffee lovers, we know it's hard but try to eat before you finish your morning coffee to avoid the jitters or a mid-morning crash. It will keep you from drinking too much coffee as well, which we know we need to get better at!

Are you a night person too? Let us know in the comments!


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