5 Decor Items Under $5 For An Epic Fall Office Spruce

Fall decor is EVERYTHING to us. But while we love decorating for the coziest season of the year, we aren't willing to spend an arm and a leg for items that only last a couple of months. Instead of going crazy with trendy fall decor, we focus on a few key items that we can either keep throughout the years (like lights and pine cones) or cost very little. This year we tricked out our office for autumn with these 5 cozy items under $5.

1. Mini Pumpkins - Less than $1

You can pick up these cuties at most stores, for a SUPER low price. We found ours at Trader Joe's for less than a dollar, which means we got a whole handful to add fall spirit to the office. They come in a variety of colors too, making it that much more fun to decorate with them.

2. String Lights - $2-5

We love a good set of clear string lights to make things more seasonally festive. We strung ours up along the windowsills, and we keep them on almost all the time. The best part about string lights is that once you put them up, you can leave them for the duration of the holiday season.

3. Pine Cones - $4-5

You can find a bag of decorative pine cones at most craft stores like Michael's for under $5 and they are another great way to spruce up your decor all winter long. We added ours on a decorative plate and tray with some candles, which we love lighting during chilly days.

4. Tea Lights $3-$5

You can grab a bag of tea lights at any home store for a really reasonable price. It's cheaper than buying a bunch of autumn scented three-wick candles, which, let's be honest, are nearly impossible to burn through in just a couple of months. Candles are an amazing way to add fall coziness to a room, and tea lights are definitely the most affordable option.

5. Leaves - FREE!

Nothing adds a beautiful autumn feel to a room like some fresh leaves, and the best part is, they cost NOTHING. No need for fancy fake leaves here - we just walk outside and gather some of the freshest leaves off the ground and add them to our decor. They look great on a bulletin or magnet board, wrapped around or placed under candles and even just laid out along a table or windowsill.

What is your favorite affordable fall decor piece? Let us know in the comments below!


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