5 Easy Hairstyles We're Loving For Fall Meetings

Fall is usually a busy time of year for business owners, and getting ready is never high on an entrepreneurs to-do list. With so many things to worry about, our hair is often the last thing we think about when prepping for an important meeting, but it can make all the difference. Looking polished and professional is a must - and even the cutest fall outfits can be wrecked with a bad hair day. BUT it's super easy to throw together a gorgeous style - the key is to put your hair at least partially up (or wear a hat...). Here are our favorite 5 minute fall styles for looking meeting-ready.

1. Braided Pony

Full is BRAID season babes. Chunky braids and chunky sweaters go together like PB&J! Whether you have short or long hair, a braided pony is the perfect way to class up your 5 minute hairstyle and make it meeting-ready. It will take no time at all to add a couple braids into your hair, and the chunkier, the better! We recommend leaving out a strand and wrapping it around the top elastic, then securing with a pin for an extra professional look.

2. Classic Bun

While messy buns are adorable for home office days, they aren't necessarily meeting appropriate so we suggest adding a little hairspray, and pinning flyaways for a classic low bun. It always looks super chic and professional, and doesn't take much time. You can pull out a front strand for an intentionally messy look without going full on crazy topknot. 

3. Low Wavy Pony

A low wavy pony is another great way to look polished in a hurry. It's great for the ocassional warm day in the fall, but still looks phenomenal with a sweater. Sleep with your hair in braids or give the ends a quick curl and then all you need to do is pull your hair back, leaving one strand lose to wrap around the elastic and secure with a pin. It's gorgeous, keeps your hair out of the way, and the added curl makes it look like you worked really hard. And if you want to look even more professional you can add a criss-cross to the top. Click on the photo above for the tutorial!

4. Half-Up Bun

This trend has made a huge comeback in the past few years and we aren't at all mad about it. It's a great way to make it look like you put a lot of effort into your look and keep your hair out of your face. Just pull half of your hair back and twist it into a small bun. You can also braid it first to make it look even more polished and professional.

5. Hat Hair

When you're in a hurry, fall is the perfect season to throw a hat over second (or third) day hair for a gorgeous, effortless look. It makes you look like you put a lot of thought into your outfit, and let's you hide any grease. We recommend ample dry shampoo for volume and waves on the rest of your hair. 

What is your favorite meeting hair look? How much time do you spend getting ready for meetings? Let us know in the comments!


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