5 Fall Accessories We Always Keep In The Office

Fall is by far our FAVE fashion season. Full of cozy yet chic outfits we can't get enough of our fall closet, especially because of the comfy and cute accessories we break out year after year. And not only do we fill our closets with fall fashion, but we also keep a few key pieces in the office so we can throw them on for warmth, or to dress up a casual outfit for a spur of the moment meeting. Here are 5 fall accessories that we always have under our desks.

1. Infinity Scarf

Infinity scarves are our go-to come chilly weather. They're cozy, warm, and won't fall off your neck because, duh, loop. As soon as the leaves start turning we bust out the scarf collection and start warming our necks. A scarf is super easy to keep hanging on your office chair for when you need a little warmth or a little extra pop for your outfit.

2. Chic Hat

Not only can a hat elevate any fall outfit, but it's also the perfect quick fix for a bad hair day, or second (okay.. third) day hair. We love being able to pop a hat on at a moment's notice to look more polished and professional. Black or brown you can't go wrong with any of the below looks.

3. Gloves

Have you ever had an outdoor photo shoot in chilly or even freezing weather? We have. And it's pretty awful. We always keep gloves on hand in case we need to go outside for a project and want to keep our hands warm. Functioning hands are a must. We prefer lighter, tech friendly gloves in the fall. They also make a cute addition to any cold weather outfit as the seasons change (although you might need warmer ones once the snow hits if you're in a cold place like Minnesota).

4. Statement Necklace

Fall means a lot of crew neck sweaters and long-sleeve shirts, which we love dressing up with statement necklaces. They are easy to throw on for a last minute spruce, and can make the coziest, fluffiest sweaters look stylish and professional. They are an essential part of our fall uniform, and keeping one or two in your desk makes it easy to throw it on over anything. We recommend metal and neutral colors for easy matching.

5. Beanie

Okay so it's another hat - but beanies are in an entirely different world than the hats you saw above. They are cozy beyond belief and can add an adorable, casual look to any cozy outfit while keeping you nice and warm. We love soft, knitted beanies - and never oppose to a pom-pom! Beanies are also one of the best transition accessories from fall to winter - so we'll be keeping them around!

What is your favorite fall accessory? Let us know in the comments below!


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