6 Fresh, Unconventional Workouts To Try This Fall

It's fall babes, and we're not just turning over a new leaf when it comes to fashion and productivity. We're also all about new workouts to freshen up our fitness routine and keep us motivated to stay in shape in the face of the looming winter (where fitness sometimes goes to die). Here are 7 new options that are keeping us on our toes: 

1. Urban Dance

If you're getting tired of barre and zumba and want to try something new - or if other styles of dance just aren't your favorite, try Urban Dance for a change. It's basically choreographed dance that pulls from hip-hop and related street dancing styles. Dance is a great addition to a regular training routine, and most classes are a FULL body workout. It's also super fun to do with friends - so get your girl group together and groove it out.

We have been loving taking classes at home from STEEZY Studio - and although they mainly cater to professional dancers there are plenty of beginning classes as well. For $19.95 a month you can access ALL of their online classes, from basic grooving to learning full pieces at all levels. You can sign up for a free 7 day trial here.

Here's an example of a beginner's piece you can learn on steezy.co - plus a look at how their site works.

2. Meeting Workouts

Okay, so this is DEFINITELY unconventional but if you spend time catching up with friends and in meetings with colleagues, this is a great way to make use of that time for some exercise (that doesn't even seem like exercise). We've found two ways to do this that are most effective:

Coffee Walks

Instead of just meeting for coffee at a coffee shop and getting to know someone in your network - suggest grabbing your coffee to go and taking a walk together. It is a great way to make double use of your time, and you both get a good workout in. Find your favorite local Facebook group and put out an invitation - you'd be surprised how many people might have similar fitness goals and are up for the change!

Treadmill Talks

Our coworking space introduced us to this concept, as one of our fellow members brought in his meeting treadmills. They are AMAZING. Equipped with tall desks, it means you can take notes if needed, and have a full meeting while you and your colleague burn off hundreds of calories. You could also do a mini-moving mastermind with a close business friend at the gym.

3. Underwater Training

Swimming isn't just a summer activity. This fall take your typical workout into the pool for a fun switch-up. The resistance of the water makes a lot of on-land moves more difficult, and can add a lot to your routine. Depending on your climate you could use an indoor or outdoor pool as the seasons shift.

We recommend checking out the Speedo training tutorials here. They have amazing videos that will teach you how to train underwater and specifically target different muscles or prepare for your favorite on-land sports like cycling, yoga, tennis, running, and more. Here's an example of the tutorials you can access for free on the site.

4. Trampoline Workouts

While it's nothing new and groundbreaking, this might be the most exhilarating of the unconventional workouts. Nothing beats having fun on a trampoline for a half-hour as a way to get your daily exercise. Trampolines are actually fairly affordable - some of the best are available for $200-$300 and come with workout videos - so it's a one time investment. We like the JumpSport trampolines, available on Amazon or the JumpSport website, where you can also find free video tutorials and more resources for trampoline workouts. 

5. Capoeira

This martial art is also known as dance fighting, even though the practice itself is known as a "game" rather than a fight - as the goal is to show your skills rather than actually harm your opponent. You can train from home and learn the moves, but it's WAY more fun to go to a class and hop in the Roda (the circle of people). You can find some great tutorials on the Capoeira World website if you want to learn a little more and prepare, then search for a local Capoeira class online (we promise you'll find one locally - they're everywhere) and jump in! It's a very positive, supportive community so you'll find yourself comfortable even as a beginner.

6. Parkour & Freerunning (Gyms)

Parkour is not just for the boys. And it doesn't just mean running around outside and jumping over things. There are dedicated gyms for parkour in almost every city now that offer beginner classes in Parkour and freerunning. You can train for strength and flexibility and learn to get over obstacles, do flips, and so much more. It's one of the most challenging yet amazingly fun ways to get a full body workout. And trust us, it IS a full body workout. If you like a challenge, this is the workout for you! While we don't necessarily recommend just hitting the streets and trying out skills, there are also plenty of YouTube tutorials on beginning Parkour skills if you aren't quite ready for the gym.


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