6 Things Under $20 For A Killer Home Workout

Don’t want to pay for a fancy gym membership?  Working out at home can be a solution and is easier with the right equipment. These simple workout aids can give your body and mind a boost and increase your efficiency in your small business. You only have to pay once, and for just $120 you could outfit yourself for a huge variety of workouts!

1. Ab Roller

An ab roller really targets the front side of your core and gets your tummy flat and toned. Plus, it’s adjustable to any level.

2. Amazon Basics Neoprene Dumbells

Dumbells are a classic type of exercise equipment.  These are softer and easier on your hands than traditional metal ones.

3. Kettle Bells

Light-weight (4-8 pound) kettle bells are a great way to add resistance to momentum-based movements. You may have seen these advertised for cross-fit gyms but you can use them at home too!

4. Resistance Bands

For people who don’t have a lot of room, resistance bands are a fantastic way to challenge your muscles. As the band stretches, it actually increases the amount your muscles work.

5. Exercise Cards Bodyweight

Not sure exactly what to do?  Need ideas to help you keep a variety in your workout?  Flashcards are a great way to help you keep motivated and get new ideas. They’re also great for traveling as most of the exercises are body-weight bases so you don’t need extra equipment

6. Foam Roller

Use this roller to warm up for a workout or to recover after one.  It can be used to improve your balance or roll out muscle knots.


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