5 Easy Ways To Fit Exercise Into Your Workday

As a busy entrepreneur it can be hard to fit exercise into your schedule every day. Sure you could learn to wake up even earlier or do intense workouts during breaks at the office but 1) sleep and 2) sweating at work. But to us, both of those seem like totally unrealistic expectations. Whether you work from a home office or just need to fit in some quick exercise at your regular office job, here are 7 ways you can easily squeeze exercise into your schedule.


1. Walk or Bike Places Instead of Driving (Or Park Further Away)

A great way to add a little extra exercise into your day is simply to make your regular walks longer by parking a little bit further away, or better yet, switch someplace you usually drive for a walk or bike ride if it's close enough. You can also try circling around a building before heading back to your car or walking laps around a building while you're on phone calls. Walking might not seem like the most intense exercise but it (1) is perfect for getting a little exercise without breaking a big sweat in your work outfit and (2) is a good way to consistently burn some extra calories. It's little things like this that can go a long way when you're short on time.

2. Use Your Lunch Break Carefully

Use part of your lunch break to sneak in a walk, a yoga flow, or anything else that will fit. While youmight not want to break a huge sweat then return to the office (yikes, body odor..) you can definitely do some light exercise. If you do have time to workout and shower (especially if you work from home) this is a good time to fit it in. You can get an extremely effective HITT workout done in 20 minutes or less - for some great examples we love Tone It Up (Karina & Katrina are two amazing boss babes AND they just released an app so you can get their quick workouts anytime - yes girl!!!!).

3. Exercise At Your Desk

Your desk is a good place to get some small exercises in. Take that screen break a couple of times an hour like you're supposed to and get in a few leg lifts, squats, stretches, wall sits, or even tricep dips if you're feeling particularly ambitious. You will be surprised how much you can fit in by taking a few 5 minute breaks throughout the day AND it might just save your eyes from some strain.

4. Yoga Breaks

While we CLEARLY don't advocate intense HITT workouts in the office or anything that will make you break a sweat in your work clothes, you can do some stretching and even a yoga flow without too much difficulty. This also something that can be done outside during breaks. And if you're not on the bottom floor - don't forget to take the stairs on your way out!

5. Get A Stability Ball

Because it's borderline hilarious, and it actually works. Replace your chair with a stability ball to get in a SERIOUS workout. It's an ab workout and also is known to improve posture - so it's a big win-win. You can also do crunches and stability ball yoga during your screen breaks, making the exercise opportunities at your desk ENDLESS.

How do you add extra exercise into your busiest days? Let us know in the comments below.


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