7 Quick Steps That Will Motivate You to Exercise This Winter

Winter is ROUGH. In most places it's cold, dark, and all we want to do is curl up with a blanket and a mug of something warm. Getting off the couch and onto the treadmill (or something equally as exercise-y) is no easy feat, but we have a few steps that keep us motivated through a workout even on the dreariest of winter days.

1. Plan FUN workouts ahead of time, so you can actually look forward to them.

Bonus points if they're at home so you don't have to touch the frigid outside air. Make a loose workout plan (rigid plans will often lead to failure, just don't stress the details) and make sure you have something planned you actually like to do. Not everyone has to like burpees and weight lifting - DON'T FORGET THAT. You could like jumping on a trampoline, taking a walk, taking an online dance class, or even following along with your old jazzercise VHS tapes - seriously dust some of these off and you'll get a double workout for your abs with all the inevitable laughing.

2. Switch it up so you don't get bored.

Try something new and fun whether it be a class, a new outdoor activity (snowshoeing, anyone?) or even just a new YouTube channel for all you at home workout fanatics. Find ways to make winter exercise about the cold weather in enjoyable ways - like doing exercises to improve those skiing muscles!

3. Share your schedule with an accountability buddy!

Find a friend to keep you accountable. This will always work best when your fitness goals are similar so you are both motivated to keep each other in line. Call each other when you start and finish your workouts, take a class together, or take turns planning a workout you both will love.

4. Put on a killer workout outfit.

It might seem silly, but wearing something adorable and that you LOVE can seriously up your motivation in less than a minute (or however long it takes you to change, look in the mirror, then admit you're a badass). Knowing that cute workout outfit is laid out and waiting for you might give you that extra push to put it on and get moving. 

5. And play some awesome workout jams...or tv, we won't judge.

Nothing is more depressing than working out in a silent room. Crank up your favorite workout jams, or even put on your favorite TV show. You'll stay distracted, and be able to get through your workout that much faster. It can also help to have a playlist you love or TV show that is roughly the same length as your workout. You'll follow along and be able to complete your whole workout, and not get stuck sitting on the couch after or having to find another playlist.

6. Pamper yourself after your workout with a relaxing shower or bath, and some at-home spa treatments.

If you have something amazing to look forward to AFTER that workout it's another great way to motivate yourself. Whether you are working out on your lunch break or early in the morning you can always find something luxurious like a face mask that only takes a few minutes, but makes you feel like you've just hit the jackpot. Winter is when dry skin and chapped lips are hard to escape, so give yourself some moisturizing treatments for double duty pampering and function.

7. Have a delicious snack or meal ready!

Plan your after workout healthy treat ahead of time and have it ready when you're done. You'll be extra excited to get to the end of your workout for the delicious noms. Also, just like exercising, remember you don't HAVE TO LIKE other people's healthy snacks. Find one that works for you, not the entirety of Instagram.

Staying motivated is all about finding ways to make your workout easy, and fun. The better you get to know yourself and your fitness pain points, the more you'll be able to counter them. 


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