Fall 2017 Entrepreneur Home Office Tour

Today I thought I would give you a peek inside of Biz Babe HQ - i.e. my home office! It's setup so multiple people can come over and work with me, and has plenty of table space for organizing papers, but overall has a very minimalist look.  I find that I use the large desks most for laying out page ideas when I design websites (I like to lay out every page on paper before moving to a digital mockup). The office is very minimal - other than the large tables I don't keep too much in here so I don't get too distracted during the workday (although as I say this I will admit I have Frasier playing on Netflix and a cat sleeping two inches from my keyboard). This year I brought the cozy fall vibes into my workspace by adding decorative plates with candles and pinecones around the room, and some string lights along the windowsill. I also keep a fuzzy fall sweater draped over my chair so I can cozy up on chilly days.While I enjoy having a lot of space to call my own - I also wanted to show my office to show how lean a successful web startup can be. Truthfully, the computer is the only thing I absolutely need. I hope you enjoy the photos, and that they inspire you to get your workspace in order. 


Share your office photos with me! Use #bizbabecrew when you post them on social media. 

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