Fall Office Essentials

 It’s the season of pumpkin and chai spice everything and we couldn’t be more excited! It’s the perfect time to make everything cozy because the cold weather is on it’s way. Here’s what we can’t live without in our home offices this time of year.

Chai Tea & Hot Cocoa

Fall means that it’s time to pull out the warm drinks again so we love to keep the office stocked with Chai Tea and plenty of Hot Cocoa. They’re our favorite choices to cozy up with mid-afternoon. We love the Tazo Chai and Starbucks or Ghirardelli Hot Cocoa. Seriously, have you had Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate before? That stuff is made of magic. It’s truly a hug in a mug.

French Press

Iced coffee season is over so it’s French Press time! This baby gets used SO MUCH in our office because 1) coffee is obviously our fave and 2) it’s so much more efficient than making a whole pot and so much better than the watered down coffee you can get in a Keurig. Sorry babes, we can’t take it anymore. Let’s all be honest - it doesn’t taste like real coffee. One of our favorite recent coffees is the MN local Cameron's coffee in Toasted Southern Pecan. And babe, you know we grind the beans ourselves!


Occasionally we like to treat ourselves to something chocolatey and delicious for a snack, or for an end of the week celebration and chocolate is always on the list. For a fun fall twist we’ve been loving the Chocolate Chai & almond Bar from Trader Joe’s. If you could infuse fall into a chocolate bar - this would be it.

Cozy Slippers

Comfy slippers are another fall fave because the floors are starting to cool off inside, and nothing makes a morning in the office better than putting on a pair of fuzzy slippers or slipper-socks so we can get sh*t done in the coziest of ways. We absolutely love Muk Luks for fall and winter because they are super cute and SO cozy.


It’s also great to have a warm, fall sweater to put on when it get’s a little drafty, or when we want to go outside on the patio for some fresh air. Our favorites are oversized cardigans or pull-over sweaters that we can throw on over any outfit for instant warmth.


Candles are a must-have for any home or office in the fall. We love simple vanilla scents, and we put candles EVERYWHERE in the office. It’s important to use non-lead wicks and ideally 100% soy, or other natural ingredients (paraffin-free) so you aren’t literally inhaling carcinogens all day long.

Lip Balm

As the dry weather draws nearer, you better believe our lip balm game is STRONG. We are prepping for winter by keeping our skin and lips well hydrated. We especially love vanilla flavors for autumn and lately have been using a lot of the EOS Vanilla Bean Stick lip balm.

Mood Lighting

Another fall fav of ours is definitely some mood/seasonal lighting. The closer it draws to the holidays the more we love putting up string lights and leaving our lamps on during the day to keep the office bright and cheery.


Along with cozy sweaters and slippers we love keeping blankets handy in the office in case we need some extra warmth or want to curl on on the couch for a break, or to do some designing. You can throw them over the back of your chair for some added comfiness, or put them in your flat lays to bring some extra seasonal magic to your Instagram feed! Our fave locally made blankets are from Faribault Woolen Mill. They're a little on the pricier side, but it's totally worth it for their warmth and durability! They last FOREVER.


Autumn also means the start of school for the young ones, and a renewed sense of organization and motivation for many. We love keeping notepads around for brainstorming. Fall is usually the time when we start coming up with big ideas to implement in Q1 of next year. We also keep a planner handy because this is the time of year when the calendar can be pretty full, and we can start losing track of our schedule if we don’t keep it close by.

Happy Hour Treats!

Babes, you know we love happy hour, so it wouldn’t be a complete list without mentioning the seasonal flavors we’re infusing in our happy hour drinks with coworkers. Our liquor cabinet this time of year features ALL the chocolate, mint, and cinnamon flavors for a hint of the holidays. One of our recent faves for a cozy happy hour is hot cocoa with a shot of crème de menthe.


FTC Disclosure: Some of the above links are affiliate links to promote products sold by other companies, and although we do sometimes receive compensation if you purchase these products, they do not compromise our genuine opinions and recommendations.


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