How To Use What You Have To Take Perfect Food Photos

How To Use What You Have To Take Perfect Food Photos

If you’re a food blogger, you’re probably good at cooking and writing. You probably also know you have to use good images in your post. But you might not be a professional photographer. Not even close. But here's a big secret that will make all the difference - the two main things you need to learn to take a good photo are lighting and composition. With a few simple tricks you can take advantage of the light you have in your home every day, and compose gorgeous, clean photos.

1. Avoid using lamp light or any other source of artificial light in your home.

It usually casts a strong, unsightly shadow and has a yellow tint which discolors the food. Instead, use natural light from a window in your home. North facing windows are the best, and it's important not to place your food in pools of sunlight.

2. Use a very simple background.

I love white because it reflects light which makes for a bright, airy image. If you can't move your table to the best light source, you create a simple background to place the food on with a poster board, or even a roll of contact paper. Pick a neutral or color that matches a color in your food.

Use the same background or a similar background in all of your photos to create a beautiful, branded look.

3. Shoot from the sides or from above.

The key is not to block your light by standing between the window and your subject. It's good to shoot close ups with a shallow depth of field, leaving a small portion of the food in focus (blurry background), or from directly above with a wide depth of field with everything in focus.

4. Declutter your frame.

Remember, the food is the main subject. Remove any extra utensils, arrange the food nicely, and make sure your background is clean of stains or spills.

5. Use tools and containers that match your brand aesthetic.

Similarly colored bowls, plates, and cooking utensils will add an extra branded touch to your content. It's important to keep the visuals clean and simple, and reducing the number of different colors in your cooking tools will do this easily!

For examples of how to put these tips into practice, check out our lighting and composition videos below!

Congrats! You’ve just MAJORLY upped your food blogging game!


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