Our 6 Favorite Playlists For Fall In The Office

We always have music playing in the office. Spotify Premium is one thing that is always in the business budget because let's face it, commercial free music is a workplace necessity. Music sets the office mood and keeps us motivated throughout the day. There's nothing we love like being able to start a Spotify playlist in the morning and keep it going until we shut the lights off. Here are 6 playlists we've been shuffling between this fall:

1. New & Cozy

This Spotify playlist is absolutely amazing for fall. It has soft, cozy songs and makes you feel like cuddling up in your warmest sweater and drinking a hot cup of coffee. We especially love this as background music for meetings because it's not too intrusive or loud. We often discover our new favorite songs on here and are always adding them to our library as we go down the list.

2. Acoustic Bliss

This playlist curated by YouTube Kalyn Nicholson gives us ALL the fall feels. Fall = acoustic music in our book so we always have to have an acoustic playlist on the list. It has plenty of popular songs you can still sing along to, and is energetic enough to keep your workday cheerful.

3. Your Coffee Break

Another Spotify list this one has fall coffeehouse vibes and and is perfect background music for working, brainstorming, and meeting with colleagues.

4. Workspace Vibes Vol. 3

A playlist by our fellow web designers over at Go Live HQ - shoutout to Promise Tangeman and her awesome team of girlbosses! - this one features plenty of laid back fall beats. We love that these ladies have been sharing their playlists with us all lately - and can't wait for more!

5. Alternative R&B

While definitely different than any other of the playlists we're sharing, Alternative R&B by Spotify is ALWAYS getting it's share of play at Biz Babe HQ. It features plenty of new artists to discover and has a soothing vibe that goes perfectly with productive and creative work time. 

6. Your Favorite Coffeehouse

This Spotify curated playlist is similar to #3; always perfect for work because there's nothing entrepreneurs love as much as coffee shops, and this one definitely brings the coffeehouse atmosphere to your home office. It's a similar length to #3 as well, but has different songs so we can switch between the two to keep it fresh.

What are some of your favorite songs for fall? Connect with us on Spotify and share your playlists with us!


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