The Best Meeting Bags For Every Budget & Style

As an entrepreneur, meetings are an everyday/every week kind of thing. Dressing for a meeting can often cause some stress because you have to look put-together but not over the top, wear nice clothing, but not too nice, and let's be real, if you're anything like us, you have a lot of sh*t to carry. In our first few years of business ownership we realized one thing was cardinal to meeting prep, and that is THE BAG. Before we get into some recommendations, we have a couple of basic things everyone might want to take into consideration when choosing the right work bag.

1. What We Carry

The bags we carry are the backbone of our businesses. As a digital business our whole company revolves around the technology we can carry in our purses - laptops, phones, and tablets. You can see exactly what our co-founder Jo carries in this post (it's a surprising number of things). All the technology items in particular tend to add WEIGHT to our bags and let's be honest, destroy them.

For that reason, we want to avoid a bag with structure that is likely to break or change because of the added weight. We focus on finding something that is very well made, so that seams won't split and straps won't break. This is also why you'll notice we start our recommendations at $40 - because anything costing less (excluding sale prices) is not likely to hold up over time.  We cap our recommendations at about $400 - because no matter how luxurious your taste and brand, your meeting equipment is going to wreck any purse eventually, and it will just break your heart if it cost more. Save the really expensive bags for date night.

2. Client Perceptions & Brand

It's also important that we have an on-brand appearance, and one our clients will perceive well. We want to dress in the color palette and price range of our brand. If we run a brand that's all about affordability, it's not ideal to show up to a client meeting with a well-known designer purse. If we run a luxury brand, it's probably not a good idea to wear something that's clearly from a low end brand (even though everyone loves a good deal). A rule we borrow from corporate lawyers is to wear things our ideal client could afford, so we don't seem unrelatable or like we are spending more extravagantly than they are (so they don't feel badly about giving us a sizeable check). We recommend if you select any designer bags to opt for those with smaller branding and hardware.

3. Investment (Budget)

Just like the digital aspects of your branding, the physical aspects require an investment. We want style that will hold up over time, and extend our digital presence into the physical world. Even if you run a budget-friendly brand like we do, we recommend taking a quality over quantity approach when it comes to business fashion. We might get to wear your PJs for 90% of our work days, but those 10% when we're in front of other people and we are THE ONLY physical representation of our brand REALLY MATTER. We're not saying entrepreneurs should all be wearing ball gowns (see point 2 above) but rather if it's uncomfortable for you to fathom investing in a $200 bag, take some time and really consider the impact your appearance can have, then take a deep breath and charge it. Just kidding.. Only invest when you have the cash.

Now let's get to the best part, the actual bags!

No matter the color or style you like, you're sure to find a fit in one of these. We pulled 20 of our favorite bags that would all be meeting-worthy. They all have big enough dimensions to fit an average laptop and all your meeting essentials, and most come in multiple colors in case you want a pop of something bright!

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