10 Ways To Use Your Business Portraits (Headshots) To Increase Brand Recognition


Despite what many people think, it is nearly impossible to run a solopreneurship or start a small company without a good set of business portraits (headshots).


When you're starting a business your goal (hopefully) is to grow and increase brand and personal recognition. As the face of your business, you'll need to represent it well through professional images. Your images will not only add a personal aspect that allows potential customers to connect with you, but makes it easier for people to recognize you across digital and printed media. Once you've taken a set of professional photos, here are 10 ways we recommend putting them to use right away.

1. Business Cards

Our first recommendation is definitely the most important way you'll want to use your portraits. Having a good photo on your business cards is crucial to help people remember you. They’ll always be able to remember your face better than your business name. It will also help when referrals (and cards) are passed from a client or acquaintance to someone who hasn't met you yet. It gives a good first impression of you and your brand, and makes it easy when someone is trying to spot you at your first meeting!

2. Brochures/Cards/Flyers

Along with business cards you can also make good use of your headshots on printed collateral like brochures, cards, or flyers. Anything that's printed can and should have your photo on it. Again it reinforces a level of professionalism and it makes you and your brand memorable and welcoming (as long as you're smiling).

3. Website

Your photos can definitely be used over and over again on your website. Make sure people know you and your brand well, and feel like they have met you after going through your website. It will help prospective customers connect to you and feel welcomed into your circle.

4. Social Media Posts

It's also useful to have a set of portraits for social media posts. Occasionally posting an "introduction" on social can make followers and leads feel like they are getting to know you on a personal level, which will in turn create a stronger relationship with your company. Branded portraits are also a good go-to when promoting an in-person event so people are reminded of what you look like before attending!

5. Social Media Profiles

Another way to keep a consistent brand image is to use your professional business portraits in your social media profiles. Your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, etc profile or banner photos should match your brand aesthetic, and they'll often do much better if they're of a real person instead of a logo!

6. Email Profile Photo

You can also set a profile photo in most email services so that when your emails show up in someone's inbox they'll see your smiling face right next to them. That will seriously level up your branding continuity and it shows you're a technology boss that knows how to customize everything!

7. Email Signature

You can also put your photo in an email signature. Every time someone gets a message it once again reinforces the personal idea that it's coming from you. It builds on their relationship with you, and it takes almost no time on your part! Just choose a photo and upload it next to your standard signature.

8. Blog Post Bios

As well as at the bottom of emails your photo can be used as a bio photo on the bottom of blog posts (or in your blog sidebar). People who have never been to your site won't know who you are so make sure on that first post they'll see a photo of you and an introductory sentence or two about you and your business.

9. Client Welcome Guides + Documents

Your clients will also appreciate a little personalization in your documents. Add your photo to your welcome guide so they feel that they're forming a bond with you before starting their project, and add it in other documents to reinforce your brand image and add a human element to paperwork.

10. References On Other Sites

Another VERY important place to include your photo is on testimonials and references on other websites. Make sure any article or quote on another site that mentions your name or was written by you is accompanied by your photo. It will increase brand recognition and make people stop twice when they notice your photo again on social media or another article (and that's how new followers are made).

It's truly amazing how much a single set of photos can do for your business. 

Jo Magliocco