12 Advantages to Using Squarespace

12 Advantages to Using Squarespace

There are so many reasons why we love the Squarespace platform, but when it comes down to decision time between Squarespace and other options, these 12 advantages usually win.


Anyone who knows us knows that Squarespace is our JAM! It is so easy to use and teach, and we use it for ALL of our client websites.

1. Clean User Interface

The Squarespace user interface is one of the best! It is so clean and simple that anyone can use it. Our clients usually grasp the concepts needed to edit pages, blog, and even sell in Squarespace commerce in less than a few hours. Squarespace is always beautiful to look at behind the scenes so it's much better than other platforms for working with clients and contributors alike.

2. Hard To Mess Up Design

It is pretty hard to make a Squarespace site look ugly. Seriously, it takes a lot of effort. Sure it's possible; but if you stick to the template you are guaranteed to have a gorgeous site. Compared to sites like Wordpress, Weebly, and Wix, Squarespace won't leave you hanging trying to DIY your design with few starting points. Squarespace will take you through the process, and your site will end up so much better for it.

3. Easy To Make Changes

It is super simple and quick to make changes to pages and settings in Squarespace. You can fix errors, add blog posts, and even move around pages in seconds making Squarespace one of the easiest platforms to work with. We can't count the number of times we've changed something even on our cell phones (not that we recommend it) on the fly.

4. Responsiveness

Squarespace sites aren't only easy to design and update, but they're fully responsive meaning your site will look amazing on any device with no extra effort. You don't have to worry about mobile versions not functioning properly, or strange behavior from your graphics because Squarespace resizes everything for you!

5. Includes Everything

Squarespace is the most all-inclusive platform and we love that about it! When you sign up it'll take care of your domain, hosting, design, and even integrates with G Suite (Gmail). You never have to worry about plug-ins or additional services, which is so liberating!

6. Built-In SEO

Squarespace also has stellar built-in SEO for pages, blogs, albums, etc. Everything will be set up to start ranking as your traffic increases! It's easy and intuitive to fill out the SEO fields in each page and for the whole site.

7. Easy To Understand Analytics

The analytics are beautifully displayed and easy to understand so you have in-depth knowledge of what's going on throughout your website. In the Squarespace Analytics panel (which has been newly revamped!) you can see analytics by day, week, or month, mobile breakdowns, popular pages, and even which sites are bringing people to yours.

8. Reliable Hosting

Squarespace is very reliable - you won't run into bandwidth issues, crashed pages, or hacked sites on this platform!

9. Great Tutorials

The Squarespace team has put together some fantastic tutorials. You are able to learn just about anything you need to, from setting up your site to best practices for blogging and commerce. The tutorials have great visuals and helpful links so you're sure to get the information you need. And if you don't understand something you can always count on...

10. Amazing Support

Squarespace has truly amazing customer service! They are always on hand to answer questions and walk you through anything step-by-step if you're having trouble.

11. Commerce is SIMPLE

Creating an online store has seriously never been easier. Squarespace Commerce is just as user friendly as the rest of the site, and you can start selling whenever you're ready (with any website plan). And creating the store is only half of the process, but receiving and fulfilling orders is also a breeze in Squarespace. Your can customize the emails, enter tracking numbers, and follow-up with customers all without breaking a sweat.

12. You Can Code If You Want To

You don't have to be a code wizard, or even know code at all to make a beautiful site on Squarespace. But if you do love to code, have at it! Squarespace is very developer friendly and it's easy to make simple CSS changes without even having to move the site to the local development platform.

What is your favorite part about Squarespace? Let us know in the comments in below!

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