Yes, Blogging Can Help Your Business


By now, most business owners are hopefully starting to realize that blogging is kind of important.

Scratch that, very important. Yet putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard...) can often cause even the most motivated of entrepreneurs to try their hand at procrastination. But it's always worth it to power through because while writing might not be your true love, it will always be your business' best friend. Here's why we think it's always worth the time to churn out some fresh blog content:

1. Establishes your authority.

Blogging establishes that you know what you're talking about. You can prove your expertise and experience by sharing what you know about your product and industry. Customers won't have to take your credentials on merit when they can read exactly what knowledge you posses. 

2. Builds trust with customers/clients.

Similar to establishing your authority, blogging about your work, product, and/or industry can build trust with your customers. If they are able to read about you and your business beyond the simple "about me" paragraph, they will be much faster to trust you. Once you've established that you know what you're talking about and continue to share your knowledge, your readers will feel more comfortable buying from you without a drawn out discovery process.

3. Adds emotional appeal.

You blog can add a lot of emotional appeal to an otherwise dry website or industry. You can share stories and in-depth thoughts and feelings in a blog that you might not otherwise be able to tell your customers. Behind-the-scenes stories slipped into introductory and concluding paragraphs can often act as a quick emotional appeal to new readers and reaffirm your relationship with existing ones. You can use your writing to connect better with your target audience and prove that you understand their needs.

4. Showcase your unique point of view and voice.

You can also use blogging to highlight your unique point of view and brand voice. Maybe you're a little sarcastic (definitely not us....). Maybe you're SUPER ENERGETIC! Or maybe you're just really calm. Either way, you have a perspective and voice that's uniquely your brand's and blogging is a great way to share it.

5. Adds value to your website.

Blogging adds a lot of value to your website! Add a few blog posts and suddenly your website goes from contact form to resource. There's a reason for people to hang around and become loyal followers, which makes sales MUCH easier.

6. Helps your SEO.

Blogging can also seriously help your SEO. Long posts and correct keyword strategycan help your website rank much faster in Google, and thus draw in a lot of new traffic. Using your blog to increase your SEO is the easiest and cheapest way to boost your rankings, even if it takes a little time.

7. Draws in clients.

With an increase in traffic, logically you will see in an increase in sales (assuming your blog is about a topic that is somewhat related to what you're selling... which is a definite MUST). With your blog drawing in new followers you have more potential customers and more eyes on your brand helping you grow at a much faster rate than well.. if you didn't blog.

8. Allows you to passively promote your offerings.

Blogging also allows you to passively promote your offerings and make sales less "salesy". If you hate selling, blogging is the perfect tool! You can casually promote your services or products in the right blog posts so that clients find them to be helpful solutions or additions to your advice. Not sure how to tie-in your specific products or services? Don't worry! That's why we have the community forums where you can ask us and our community to give you personalized advice... see what we did there?

9. Reduces your workload.

Blogging can also massively reduce your workload. You can blog to replace many steps in your client process like teaching simple how-tos or giving advice about how to best utilize your product. Use your blog as a tool to reduce the amount of times you have to repeat the same email, answer, or tutorial by publishing it for the masses! Write it once and refer people back to it, so that you aren't writing it over and over again for each customer. It can also help to answer questions before people even ask them.

10. Serves as a customer service tool.

Your blog can also be a super helpful customer service tool. Publish the answers to your frequently asked questions and provide information about how you work. Then link those posts in your client documentation and sales pitches so that potential customers can access comprehensive information about your process and offerings.

11. Provides helpful insight into your audience.

Blogging also leads to many a helpful insight about your audience. Between analytics and comments you can get a great idea of what content people want, and in turn what services or products they want. Listen and respond to feedback in your comments section and track which posts are most popular to better understand your audience and what they like to see from you.

12. Makes your website self-reliant.

Your blog makes your website self-reliant because people will visit it for your content, regardless of what happens with social media. A loyal blog readership means you're no longer at the mercy of Facebook's ever-changing algorithm (or Twitter, or Instagram... you get the picture). Your readers will come back to your site over and over again and even if all of the social media platforms you use crash and burn your business won't go down with them.

13. Gives you copy to repurpose.

Finally, having a blog means having a TON of content to reuse. You can share tidbits from your blog in social posts, videos, podcasts, you name it! Once you've taken the time to write out your knowledge you can benefit from it over and over again.

So despite the many frustrations that can arise, the benefits of a blog are 100% worth every minute spent writing. Blogging is a key tool for any modern business and if you haven't started yet, now is the time!

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