5 Ways To Use Branding Babes Community Stock Photos


Stock photos are a great way to supplement your company's photo collection so that you can continuously put out fresh content! In our community, we provide a new professional photo of the week every week - so we wanted to give you all some ideas about easy ways to utilize them for your business or blog!

1. Instagram Posts!!!

The easiest way to utilize stock is on a photo-heavy platform like Instagram! Use our stock photos to supplement your own, and add a professional touch to your imagery. They are also great for Instagram stories when you need a background for a text graphic.


2. Advertisement Graphics

Stock photos are also great for advertisements (especially seasonal events). We love using them under text to promote events and new products.  THIS is what we make our photos for in particular! We shoot leaving ample white space for you to add text, and the simple but beautiful style won't pull too much focus from the words, but elevate your graphics to a new level! 


3. Blog Posts

Our stock can also be great as a blog post graphic background. Add your title over it and use it to make a great graphic for Pinterest or your Instagram. Need some help designing overlays? Check out this post on how to make them in Keynote or Powerpoint if you don't have Adobe software! (And if you're a Canva lover, you can also upload them and make your own custom graphics using one of their easy templates.)

4. Social Media Banners

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 9.06.15 PM.png

Social media banners (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube) are also a good way to utilize stock photos. Using the same photo or photos from the same set will add a cohesive look to all your social accounts and help people recognize you across platforms. AND you can add text overlays on these as well to promote your latest products or services.

5. Website Banners

Finally, depending on your industry and aesthetic you can also use them to spruce up your website! All of our images are high-resolution and can be used on full-width website banners. They can add a pop of color, or a great background on which to write calls to action on your site!

Stock photos shouldn't be used for EVERYTHING because having a clear brand style and photos of yourself are very important, but when used to supplement your existing images, stock photos can help you stretch your photography's lifespan and add an extra touch of professional imagery to any social profile or website!