5 Ways To Work With Social Influencers To Raise Brand Awareness

5 Ways To Work With Social Influencers To Raise Brand Awareness

These magical people have the power to increase your social following, brand recognition, and sometimes even sales with one simple photo and caption, and are willing to do so for the right price


Social media influencers can be solid GOLD for a growing business. Nothing beats having the right approach and relationships with social media’s most popular (or even up-and-coming) social stars. Here are 5 great ways you can get started working with influencers:

1. Give them some freebies.

The easiest and most common way to work with influencers is giving them free products or services in exchange for promotion. HOWEVER when giving freebies you aren't guaranteed a glowing review, or even a social post at all - so these should be given away carefully to influencers who are bound to really like your product and fit well into your target audience. Also, make sure to see if they've promoted items in the past and seem likely to respond well, and then reach out to them with a message before sending anything.

2. Offer them a contest or giveaway to host.

WAY BETTER than just giving an influencer a freebie is giving them a freebie PLUS a way to share it with their followers. Let them host a contest or giveaway where your product is the prize. Their audience will grow because they're doing giveaways, and your audience will grow as well. Everybody ends up happy, especially the people that win the giveaway!

3. Start an affiliate program.

If you have the bandwidth, it's a great idea to launch your own affiliate program so influencers can make money by promoting your product. All you have to do is provide each individual person with a coupon code and schedule payouts for their commission! Affiliate programs are very valuable to many influencers because they can get recurring, regular income from them!

4. Become friends forever - or at least a year or two.

Okay, so this can be expensive, but it's probably the most effective route to take for guaranteed growth. Just think of it this way, celebrity endorsements aren't just for the T-Swifts of the world. Influencers exist at every level of following, for every niche audience. A continued relationship means you become an extension of their brand, and that their followers will start to associate the two of you - let them be your brand's celebrity endorsement and you'll both grow together. Host events that they can attend, let them be the first to try out any new product or service, or even create a group of traveling influencers like L’Oréal (only without the FTC violations... be sure they are legally disclosing the partnership in their social posts every time).

5. Research.

If you're really not ready to take the leap with an influencer relationship yet you can still learn a lot from researching influencers' followers. If you have similar audiences you can look at what kinds of posts their followers like, and what followers are asking for in the comments. Engage with the followers directly and earn loyal customers through continuous social interaction.

Remember, if you’re looking for a quick brand recognition boost, partnering with social influencers is absolutely worth the time and money! The best partnerships might be the most expensive, but like all other avenues of marketing the price is worth it!

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