Added Value


A thought experiment in ways to add value to a design project.


I believe that the best design projects would ideally include all of these value points, but as cost reduces, there is usually less value provided (fewer of the bullets are addressed).


  • design something aesthetically pleasing
  • design a system that suits all sizes and use cases (logo variations)
  • provide a color palette with Pantone, RGB, and CMYK values
  • add image styles (mood board/example photos)
  • add strategy behind the design - position it towards the target audience
  • craft brand visuals that accompany a brand voice
  • when redesigning, don't undo the existing brand recognition
  • add collateral designs (incorporate the brand into everything else printed and digital)
  • complete the project on a faster timeline
  • use your connections to increase the brand's exposure


  • design something aesthetically pleasing
  • design something that drives action
  • design something that drives specific action that the client needs
  • set the website up for SEO
  • research and strategically implement SEO keywords based on past analytics
  • start measuring progress and refining based on analytics
  • teach clients how to manage their websites
  • add unique stylistic aspects to the website

TL;DR. There are a lot of ways we can add value as designers. Add ideas below!