Get The Most Out Of Squarespace's Built-In SEO: Blog Posts


Squarespace has amazing built-in SEO. It's just a fact. I find that the main reason people are not seeing the SEO results they want from their Squarespace blog posts is simple: they aren't using the features right. Luckily, taking advantage of Squarespace's built in features isn't too hard. It's usually just a matter of remembering the list of things to do for each post when you write it. So basically, creating a checklist is the perfect way to tackle it. And luckily for you all, we made one so you don't have to. Let's get into how to actually do the individual steps.

Step 1: Title

The blog post title is critical to its ranking in search engines. Think about what question or phrase you would google to find your article, and then look up similar ones. Search keywords on Google's Keyword Tool and then write your title to fit the best ranking terms.

Step 2: Use Keywords in Post

Now this isn't as simple as picking the top words - keywords should be incorporated into your posts organically. I like to write the post, then search the words I used most frequently. That helps me determine not only which words I could add in a few more times, or how I could alter the title in step 1 to fit more with what I'm really writing about. Google loves long-form content also, so make sure the article is a decent length (not just 300 - think over 1000 under 1500). The benefit to longer posts as well is that your keywords will most likely occur organically plenty of times.

Step 3: URL

You want the post url to also reflect the topic just like the title. So it's easy to use the full title in the url, and sometimes skip the "ands" or other filler words. Make sure you don't let Squarespace generate the url for you, unless you've gone into settings - blogging - and changed the settings for url to "post-title" (which is a HUGE timesaver so you really should do that...).

Step 4: Image Captions

Use captions or name your image files as you upload them to get more SEO bang for your buck. Make sure the titles are relevant to the topic so that not only will you rank in web searches, but you'll rank in google image searches as well! Double win!

Step 5: Excerpt

Make sure you put an excerpt on your post, and make sure it again relates back to your topic so that it concisely states the problem you are solving in your post. And try to avoid the "..." when possible. Just write a really good introductory sentence or phrase.

Step 6: Author

For an added boost sure the author is correct - use your name, or even your businesses name (to add it go to settings-permissions-add basic author). This will help the article rank based on people that might be looking for you or your business already.

Squarespace SEO is super simple and once you get the hang of it you will be boosting your rankings in no time!

- Jo
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