How To Create An Inspiration Board For Your Brand

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When you're first creating your brand, getting started on it's visual representation can be daunting. Creating an inspiration board can be an extremely helpful step in narrowing down your focus when it comes to your brand's visuals. It embodies the aesthetic your brand is going to portray and often sets the tone for your logo and other graphics, as well as your website design. Here's how you can create an inspiration board to guide your visual branding in a few steps! 

Step 1: Gather

Gather ALL of the photos of things that can represent your brand. Pin them to a pinterest board or collect them in a folder on your computer. Either way, this step is all about EXCESS. Everything that could possibly fit with the look and feel of your brand. Make sure to consider all five senses when thinking about how people experience your brand. How would your brand look, taste, smell, feel and even sound? Try to choose images that capture that essence. Here are three examples we created for you to use as a reference:

Example 1: Minimalist, Neutral Coffeeshop (See it on Pinterest)

Example 2: Colorful Business (See it on Pinterest)

Example 1: Healthy, Rustic Food Blog (See it on Pinterest)

Step 2: Curate

This is where you start to taper it down. Look at all the images you've gathered and find the ones that are the best and most cohesive. This is when your color palette will start to form. Try to choose a variation of image types and subjects. In the left example above, we see a theme of white and green start to emerge, and in the right example, we see a lot of blues and grays. Once you're down to about 10 or fewer images that you feel truly embody your brand, it's time to move on to step 3.

Step 3: Design

Now it's time to put your inspiration photos to good use, and make the final board. Pull your color palette from your photos, keeping in mind that an ideal palette has a combination of light, medium, and dark shades. This part often takes a lot of rearranging, and you might end up switching out a few photos, so don't get discouraged if it doesn't feel perfect right away. You might even need to take a step back for a day and then revisit the board to make sure it represents the image you want your brand to portray.

That's all there is to it! Creating an inspiration board is not as hard as it may seem. And if you don't have a natural eye for design, just take your time, look at examples, and be sure to ask for feedback.

Want some help getting started? We have inspiration board templates in the community that you can customize for your brand! Login or sign up to get access and make your brand's board!