How To Make A Simple & Perfect About Page For Your Website


About pages are the stars of most websites, getting nearly as many views as the homepages. They are where people get to know you and your business, and often decide whether you're someone they want to work with. Even though they carry a lot of weight, making a good about page isn't all that difficult. In fact, with a few easy steps you'll be on your way to a beautiful, simple about page that will make your audience feel informed and welcome.

Step 1: The Photo

The photo is the first impression your about page makes, and if the photo is wrong - it's all wrong. A good photo should match the "professionalism" level of your site, and show your brand's personality. If you're formal - keep it to a formal headshot, and if you're more casual make it more casual or funny. Here are a few do's and dont's for about page photos:


  • Choose a photo that's shot from straight on
  • Choose a photo with a simple background that fits your industry (solid colors are the best!)
  • Choose a photo where your hair & makeup look natural or like they do when you meet customers
  • Choose a photo where your clothing is simple and fits your brand style (casual, formal, etc)


  • Use a selfie
  • Use a photo shot from above or below so that your face is at an angle
  • Include your pet
  • Use a photo with a cluttered background

Step 2: The Copy

Start with a basic description of your business' mission and how you achieve it. Always have a large font headline so that you grab the attention of the reader, and direct them towards the most important information about your business. Here are some do's and don'ts for your about copy:


  • Write your business' mission in a concise manner and make it BIG
  • Mention how your achieve your goals/mission with the services or product you offer
  • Write a brief bio about you and your team
  • Include adjectives that show your brand's personality and overall vibe (serious, casual, funny, etc)
  • Link to other pages on your site
  • Tell your brand's story and how you arrived at your product (what problem are you solving)


  • Talk about your hobbies, kids, pets, etc. (unless your business is to blog about one of those topics!)
  • Include pricing information
  • Use language that doesn't match your company's style (casual, formal, etc)
  • Write less than a paragraph
  • Write too much - people should be able to get through the page in a few minutes

Step 3: The Layout

Make sure your photo is front and center, and there's a large font line or two that make a great call to action. It also is important to link to your other pages on your about page, so people have a logical next step to take (i.e. - like what you see? send us a message!). About pages should be simple, and are usually the most viewed page on a website aside from the homepage - so they should be treated as a top priority. Have you friends review your layout to see what stands out to them, and make sure you make the points you want to. 


  • Have a few key points or headlines that stand out
  • Make sure your photo is at the top of your page
  • Include a next step at the bottom of the page


  • Have too many photos so people are distracted
  • Have all text the same size

Looking for some inspiration? Here are a few about pages that we love!

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- Amy & Jo
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