Minimalism & Creative Entrepreneurs


If you haven't been sleeping under a rock lately, you've probably seen something about this minimalism trend that's going around.

So let's talk about it a little...


Most often portrayed through one of two stereotypes - the hippie/digital nomad who gives away all their possessions and lives out of a van with their partner traveling the globe and the capsule wardrobe wearing trend-setter who lives in a white, sparsely decorated loft in NYC, SF or LA and talks about their minimal "aesthetic". Either way, it seems a bit appealing but in a slightly crazy, unreasonable, and only for social media stars kind of way.

Over the past few years I've learned a lot about minimalism from both stereotypical sides of the equation, and a little from Mpls friends who fit somewhere neatly in between. I'll call it the practical middle of the minimalism spectrum. However, all of these people/resources have the same thing in common: they're creative entrepreneurs.

First, let's back up and examine this "category" of people (yep, I'm going to be that person for a second).

A quick search on Google revealed "entrepreneur" to mean: A person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so. Adding creative in to the mix just means they're working within the creative industries like advertising, architecture, art, crafts, design, fashion, film, music, marketing, performing arts, photography, publishing, software, social media, TV, etc. In my profession, it's the term I'm unequivocally tied to, and one I'm really tired of hearing - even though it's obviously the most accurate description. Whether we are freelancers or business owners, we all took on a financially risky lifestyle in order to pursue a creative passion. Also, freelancers are essentially "self" businesses. So I'm counting them as well.

Now here's what I think is fun/fascinating/hilarious/worth discussing.

While there are many minimalists, and many entrepreneurs - why are we seeing such a massive overlap in these spaces?

Here are my thoughts on why creative entrepreneurs favor minimalism:

  • We want to have flexibility in working location.
  • Our creative minds need taming, and decluttering our spaces helps declutter our minds.
  • We want to live meaningful lives on our own terms (hence entrepreneurship).
  • Frugal mindsets (necessity while taking financial risks in business)

I could expound upon my thoughts, but I'd rather just talk about it with other creatives.

TL;DR. If you want to talk minimalism, drop me a line and let's video chat.