Why & How To Use Quizzes To Boost Your Website's Engagement

It's common sense that getting people to visit your website matters for making sales and capturing an audience.

You know what else SHOULD be common sense by now, but sadly isn't?

Getting people to spend MORE TIME on EVERY PAGE of your website is even MORE important than getting them there in the first place.

Getting people on the page is the first step, and if they actually read your content, that's even better. But getting them to truly interact with your content and your brand is in fact, it's the KEY to making sales and building trust.

And one highly effective method for boosting engagement is incorporating quizzes into your page.

But don't just take my advice - let's look at a few examples:

1. JennaKutcher.com

Jenna Kutcher's is a great example of just getting people to go through some motions, click some buttons, and generally engage will add some serious fun (like that oxymoron anyone?) to any site. Her "Choose your own adventure" allows you to ponder things like your favorite pasta shape, cocktail, and even what breed of dog you would be, all before leading you to the only web related question that matters - why are you on her site in the first place?

While this adds some fun interaction, and takes people to the resources they need, it might not necessarily provide actionable leads, or be that business related if you're looking to implement something similar. After all, Jenna is truly building her personal brand on this site - so this is aimed towards her Instagram followers who are used to relating with her about mac and cheese, puppies, and yoga pants - which might be our fave branding tools of all time. 

Update** Jenna Kutcher has since this, switched to a TryInteract quiz called her "Secret Sauce Quiz" which is a personality type quiz for creatives - and guess what, predictably, it's working WONDERS for her conversion, engagement, and newsletter growth!

 Take the quiz on  JennaKutcher.com . Designed by  Jen Olmstead .

Take the quiz on JennaKutcher.com. Designed by Jen Olmstead.

2. KaylaHollatz.com

Our dear friend Kayla (who by the way is an amazing copywriter, who you should definitely consider working with if you need some help crafting the perfect copy for your website) uses quizzes as a way to get to know her audience, and provide them with specific tips and tricks via her blog and newsletter based on their needs. She has a fun quiz that helps you find your brand voice, complete with a question about your hot chocolate preferences (give us ALL the marshmallows!!!)

It's an amazing way for you to 1) get to know her services better and see how they can work for you, and 2) for her to get to know you better, and provide you with the most relevant and useful information and resources. This one is ALL about building the foundation of a great, productive business relationship.

 Take the quiz on  KaylaHollatz.com .

Take the quiz on KaylaHollatz.com.

 Take the quiz on  KaylaHollatz.com .

Take the quiz on KaylaHollatz.com.

Sold yet on quizzes? Time to make one!

There are so many more statistics we have seen, but decided not to pull because everyone we have talked to has been sold on a quiz after taking those three.

So let's talk about making and implementing a quiz. There's something all three of the quizzes above have in common and it's that they were made on TryInteract.

We were graciously given the opportunity to test out their premium options, and we LOVE how versatile their quiz maker is. Not only is it affordable and easy to understand, but the implementation on any web platform (especially Squarespace) is a breeze. Now all the quizzes you saw above are personality type quizzes because they tend to guide people towards a result and drive traffic. BUT depending on your business type a score quiz or an assessment could work for your business.

 Quiz Options on TryInteract.com

Quiz Options on TryInteract.com

Building the quiz on TryInteract is super easy, and there are so many helpful posts linked on their site - so we'll skip that part and instead share a few tips for making yours TOP NOTCH.

1. Customize Backgrounds - Customizing the look is key in making your quiz integrate seamlessly into your site. Something we (Branding Babes) and Jenna Kutcher both do is place our quiz on a background colored section and set the TryInteract quiz background to the same color, so it looks like it was built right into the page!

2. Customize Fonts - TryInteract has great font integration (Google & Adobe Typekit) so you can use your brand's fonts and make it that much more custom.

3. Build Styled Landing Pages - Finally, the option to have people sent to landing pages gives you the chance to do what you do best. Incorporate your custom content, your website's style, and make something beautiful for your quiz takers to experience when they get their results. This is NOT where you want to take any shortcuts. If anything, the landing pages should take you longer to build than the quiz itself. Make sure those landing pages drive major action and continue the momentum your quiz started.

Ready to hop in, make your own quiz, and change your website from a landing page to a hangout zone? Get started now!

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