Why We’re Switching To "Pay What You Want" Pricing


For the remainder of 2018 we’re experimenting with Pay What You Want pricing for all of our products and services. 


Here are the 3 reasons why (in no particular order):

1. We love helping businesses, and want to spend our time following our passion.

Like most entrepreneurs we started our business based on a passion. We are GREAT at helping small businesses with design and strategy and it's the one constant we love about our jobs. 

What we don’t love is marketing, social media, and spending a large portion of our time focusing on booking clients as part of the never ending circle of service based small businesses. As we brainstormed ways to enact our resource first mission we thought - what if instead of staying in this marketing cycle, we could dedicate ALL of our time to creating resources and helping people?

We would much rather spend an hour working with an entrepreneur in need, giving someone an opportunity to test our services risk-free, or creating resources solely for the purpose of adding value to other businesses rather than planning out an Instagram grid. We get to help more people, and do what we love. How is that not a win-win?

We also hope that by approaching business from this resource-first philosophy, we are able to provide value to a greater number of businesses and spread the word. This will give us even more time to dedicate to crafting useful resources and giving 1-on-1 help.

2. We can provide access to small business resources and guidance to those who don’t have the opportunity to work 1-on-1 with designers.

Many people today are starting side-hustles and online businesses simply out of financial need. Even more have nonprofit ideas or passion projects that lack funding of any kind. Bootstrapping is a great option, but not everyone can afford resources like ours on a bootstrap budget.

Pay What Your Want allows those of you who are able to afford our suggested prices and higher to donate so those nonprofits and others may have equal access to often life-changing guidance. Think of it as crowdfunding dreams, from one biz babe to another. We've always worked to keep a large emphasis on giving back, and this is a fun way to help that goal.

3. We love Pay What You Want for our specific industry because the value of design is often confusing for small businesses owners, and we prefer showing over telling.

It’s nearly impossible for small business to research and grasp the ROI of brand and website design. There are too many conflicting resources and no standard prices. Small businesses are often at the whim of the design firms and freelancers they happen to find, and often don’t understand the different options and different outcomes.

As designers who work primarily with small businesses and entrepreneurs, we believe it’s our duty to educate you on why and how branding and web design are important in your journey. 

We have complete confidence in the value we can bring to your businesses, and that our services are more than worth the suggested price. But we also believe showing is better than telling - so let us show you before asking you to commit to a price.

TL;DR. We know this idea is worth giving a chance.


Jo Magliocco