Branding Basics™ - Mood Board #34

Branding Basics™ - Mood Board #34


Our Branding Basics™ mood boards are free to download so you can find the perfect color palette for your brand.

All of our mood boards pair well with our 24-Hour Brands, and serve as a complete color system ready made for a blog or business. Download this moodboard to get the image file WITH hex codes for the color palette AND our mood board interpretation and color palette usage guides.

This and all Branding Basics™ Mood Boards can only be downloaded 5 times so that the designs stay unique, so please be considerate of others and only download the one you want for your brand. We also understand that screenshotting the design may be quicker, but please respect the uniqueness of our designs and go through the checkout process - after all, it's FREE!

**Branding Babes does not own all of these images. Image sources can be found at

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