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Leanne was preparing to publish her first novel, "Just Breathe" and needed an author portrait for the back cover, to give her blog of the same name a makeover, and to add add e-commerce capability to her website so she could pre-sell and sell her book.


Leanne needed the photos for her book, so we took her author portraits in a style that would be cover worthy! The photos are also used on her website for her bio, so we needed something light and airy like the portrait of her with a natural, green background.

Leanne needed a simple landing page where she will be able to promote her book when it comes out, and wanted to clean up the appearance of her blog, so we designed this simple website with her favorite photographs in the banners. We left a lot of white space to add to the calming aesthetic, and made a slideshow to display her recent blog posts.

Check out her site to see more, and read her amazing posts!

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Amy and Jo helped me shape my blog into a fantastic website. They offered savvy support- this was all new to me! They really listened to my ideas... I highly recommend them, no matter the size of your project or business.

- Leanne Waterworth