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Branding Babes
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Live Design

Let us do the customizations for you!

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Investment: $70 Logo Kits | $395 Websites

Live design sessions combine our 24 hour designs with our personalized custom design experience for an affordable and beautiful result. During our video calls we'll tackle the style changes to your logo and website kits AND teach you how to best utilize your Branding Babes designs.


how it works


Step 1: You Shop


Shop our collection of logos and websites to find designs for your new brand! Read the descriptions to help you determine the best fit for your business or blog.

Step 2: You Prepare

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Upon purchase you'll receive instructions for scheduling your first customization session and if you've purchased a website, prepping your site's copy and images with shared Google docs.

Step 3: We Build

We will create your logo designs and/or use the copy and images from Google docs to build out your website with the demo styles and get it ready for customization.

Step 4: We Customize


On your video calls we will teach you how to customize your logo colors and best utilize your designs, and for websites how to use Squarespace, customize colors and fonts, add SEO info, and go LIVE!