Baker - Squarespace Website Kit

Baker - Squarespace Website Kit


Enjoy all the benefits of the easy to use Squarespace platform with none of the recognizability of a typical Squarespace template.

Baker was designed for Squarespace so you can get a stunning web presence up in less than a day! It's the perfect way to jumpstart your image and get your business up and running on the web - so you have more time to do what you love.

Baker is a fully responsive and features a minimalist style with clean typography.  It's been optimized for bloggers and content creators to make your recent posts stand out, but can also be optimized for businesses with the additional page options. Squarespace is all-inclusive meaning you won't need any additional hosting accounts or domains. 

This is a limited use website kit that will only be sold 15 times to ensure that your design stays truly unique.


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