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Branding Babes
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Jo, Co-founder & Legit Designer

Jo is in charge of all the deets of brand development, social media design, and website design for Branding Babes clients. She has helped dozens of small businesses get their shit together, starting when she was just 18 years old.

It all started when she was hired to help a family business learn how to update their computers. When she succeeded at that simple task, the owner thought she must be some kind of genius and handed her the keys to the whole business. Jo decided to accept the challenge and thankfully for the business, was able to successfully own everything from designing marketing materials and business cards to choosing paint colors and balancing Quickbooks.

As her knowledge of businessy things grew, she started working as a freelance consultant for a bunch of other small businesses. She always ended up gravitating towards the visual stuff in the business, and realized that she kicked ass at design work.

Jo studied at University of Minnesota and became a bonafide boss at Adobe Creative Suite, Wordpress, and Squarespace development and design. She has also spent the past several years learning about blogging and social media design so she can help clients learn how to monetize their passions. When she is not designing logos or websites for clients she can be found sharing her knowledge and terrible jokes with local networking groups, and mentoring local college students.


Amy, Co-founder & Boss Photographer

Amy is a badass photographer with 20 years of experience. She loves photographing people, and has a knack for making her subject feel less like a deer in headlights. She is a boss at lighting and composition, so she is able to showcase her clients in natural and all-around awesome way.

During her time managing the MPLS Photo Center, Amy got to know some pretty fancy photographers and learn from them. She has worked with a bunch of brands, and models and designers alike agree that she works magic with her camera.

Before jumping off the deep end into a creative business, she worked as a business manager. Amy is fabulous at creating and streamlining business processes. She excels at making businesses faster and better at getting shit done.

Amy is a hardcore feminist who lives to help other women pursue their dreams. She shares inspirational stories and portraits of women on her personal blog.