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Perfect for:

Solopreneurs looking to build their online presence, start selling or sharing their portfolio, and generate leads.



Starter Website Live-Build

We will work with you in person to design a custom website to grow your business. Our designer will prep 3 custom layouts for you to choose from, and at your 2-hour live build they will work with you to customize the details of your site, as well as teach you how to use Squarespace commerce, and change and add content on your own.


Business Portraits 

Our photographer will work with you to take professional business portraits that you can use on your website, social media accounts, and business cards that showcase the style of your brand.


2-Hour Mentoring Session

Our mentoring session is a time when both members of our team will sit with you at a coffee shop and answer ANY, yes ANY questions you  have about the aspects of your brand and business that could benefit from guidance. We have a huge list of topics that you can pick our brains about here, and after our meeting we will summarize our discussion into notes and actionable steps, which you’ll get in a handy PDF that you can refer back to over and over again as you grow.



Meet Leanne

Our inspiration for this service package, Leanne was preparing to publish her first novel, "Just Breathe" and needed an author portrait for the back cover, to give her blog of the same name a makeover, and to add add e-commerce capability to her website so she could pre-sell and sell her book. We took her author portraits in a style that would be cover worthy and migrated her Wordpress blog to Squarespace, gave it a calming aesthetic, and created a slideshow banner to display her recent blog posts.

"Amy and Jo helped me shape my blog into a fantastic website. They offered savvy support- this was all new to me! They really listened to my ideas... I highly recommend them, no matter the size of your project or business."

Check out her site to see more, and read her amazing posts!

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Get It For 2 Payments of $475


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